Mr. Rescue


Put out fires and rescue children: the work of a real hero


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Mr. Rescue is a platform game where you control a fireman whose objective is to run into burning buildings in order to put out fires and rescue as many of the people trapped inside as possible.

The game has simple controls: use the arrow keys to move from one side to the other, and three action buttons to jump, shoot water from your water gun, and pick people up to rescue them.

The rescuing itself is pretty funny, since to do it successfully, you have to grab children and throw them out a window - we assume the idea is that there is a trampoline waiting for them below.

As you climb the building, you'll run into more difficult challenges, including some enemies in the form of flames. At first, they'll just move from side to side, but soon you'll be facing flames that jump around, trying to make your life difficult.

Mr. Rescue is a fun platform game with a charming style and simple gameplay that will get just about anyone hooked immediately. And, you'll have access to a scoreboard to keep track of your best efforts.
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